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Julie Kantor
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“The people who mentor and sponsor at your company are the people who drive retention at your company," says Julie Kantor, director at ISG and workforce development veteran with a deep passion for standing up sustainable mentoring initiatives for corporations, associations, and universities. Whether in a boardroom with executives or working with collaborative teams, Julie instills excitement, inspires commitment and demonstrates an unwavering drive to see her clients succeed. She and her growing team have provided dynamic concierge mentoring-in-a-box managed mentoring and learning services to clients in many sectors including healthcare, retail, energy, IT, education and manufacturing. In today’s hybrid working environment, people need human connection more than ever and the business case for mentoring is significant, as evidenced by one Wharton study that found mentors were promoted six times more, mentees five times more and employee retention rates were 20 percent higher.
Julie Kantor