Thank you to our attendees, speakers and partners for your support throughout the
2023 Future Workplace Summit!

Get ready for what’s next in the workplace of the future. 

Just a few years ago, very few gave much thought to optimizing the workplace. Suddenly it has become “make or break.” It’s never been more critical to get it right. 

There are so many potential paths to develop an environment to fully engage your workforce – with plenty of wrong turns and dead ends. The ISG Future Workplace Summit will illuminate the path that you can take to create the technology and culture for your workplace as a strategic competitive advantage. This intimate event includes a working session from which you will come away with a new roadmap to up-level your organization’s workplace
for remote, on-site and hybrid employees. 

Led by ISG experts and our partners who are daily practitioners, this event will bring you best-practice insights from our experience working with large organizations and help you navigate the technology, process, and culture all in one coordinated effort. 

What You'll Discover

Here are five themes we'll explore at the ISG Future Workplace Summit:

Adaptive Organizations - Redesign How You Operate
How do you design and build an organization that retains talent and is adaptive enough to cope with the associated demand? 

Technology Driven Productivity - Do More With Less
What if you could dial up the productivity of your virtual meetings? What if your in-house tech support could fix your tech problems as if they were standing in your shoes? We won’t just talk concepts; you will be able to immerse yourself in the technologies that are revitalizing the workforce.

Employee Experience - Engage Your People
How can improved employee experiences and an improved culture help you reach your business goals faster? 

Environmental impact
How does moving to a hybrid work model affect your carbon footprint? And can this awareness help improve your bottom line? It can!

Hybrid Ways of Working - Become Change Capable
Building change resiliency and change capability within your workforce is a critical success factor to achieving desired results. How do you ensure the hybrid worker is embedded into new ways of working?

Walk Away with a Customized Roadmap

You’ve heard the presentations and experienced the technologies that are changing the future of work. But how can you apply these learnings to your organization? We will walk you through a 12-step process that allows you to convert what you’ve seen and experienced into something that’s relevant and tangible for you. It’s a plan that you can implement as soon as you return to the office. 

A Message From Our Conference Chair

"This year, ISG takes the Future Workplace Summit to the next level. During most conferences you attend, you see things on stage, you get ideas and you network with your peers. But that’s kind of it. We intend to go one step further - we will immerse you in the future of work with real examples, making it come to life. Our expert advisors will also share real-world experience and forward-thinking trends to bring it to life for attendees." 

Iain Fisher, Director & Future of Work Lead, ISG

Featured Speakers