May 13 & 14, 2024  |  New York City


AI at the Helm

Where Intelligent Innovation

& Human-Centric Collaboration Meet

Digital trends are reshaping corporate to hybrid and remote workplaces – from digital collaboration to artificial intelligence.  Looking ahead, it is evident that emerging technologies, like GenAI and ChatGPT, together with evolving socio-economic trends and a multi-generational workforce, are going to continue affecting how the digital workplace and employee experience evolve.

The annual ISG Future Workplace Summit will offer engaging presentations, interactive panels, and networking opportunities, providing you with the actionable knowledge and best practices to leverage emerging technologies and cultural strategies to ensure a thriving and competitive workplace.

What You'll Discover


AI: Enabling Work to be Augmented and Intelligent
Explore how evolving technologies like OpenAI and GenAI are transforming the digital workplace. Where should you start? How do you minimize disruption but ensure adoption?

Empowering Digital Employee Experiences    
Discover how to seamlessly integrate AI-driven technologies, personalized learning opportunities, and efficient communication tools to empower employees, enhance productivity, and foster a collaborative and adaptable work environment.


Workforce Analytics – Retention, Performance, Productivity
Leverage data-driven insights to support your human capital management decisions. Decode employee retention, enhance performance and boost productivity to increase ROI.


Shaping the Digital Workplace: Platforms & Applications
Learn about the platforms and applications that are reshaping the digital workplace for more effective communications, experiences, and work.


People Analytics - Promoting Trust, Transparency, Inclusivity and Equity
Recognize opportunities for diversity and inclusion to create a workplace culture that values the well-being and growth of every employee.

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