Full Name
Tracie Sponenberg
Job Title
Chief People Officer
The Granite Group
Speaker Bio
Tracie Sponenberg is Chief People Officer of The Granite Group, based in Concord, NH. Tracie is responsible for leading all People functions throughout the company, with 53 locations and growing, and nearly 800 team members throughout six states.

While Tracie used to describe herself as “working in HR,” she now describes herself as a “Business leader specializing in People” - a change that came after her transformation from paper-first to people-first leader, and after embracing the importance of learning about the business, technology, the critical nature of relationships, the importance of a growth mindset, speaking up, and learning to always put people before profits.

Tracie is a global speaker on HR, leadership, technology and business issues. She is a co-founder of HR Rebels, HR on the House, DisruptHR NH and HR Rebooted, a founding member of Chief Boston and CPOHQ, Vice Chair of the ASA Women in Industry Executive Council and an Expert Council Member for Select Software Reviews and Hacking HR. Her articles have appeared in CIO Review Magazine, Supply House Times, ASA Review, HR Jolt and HR Tech Outlook, and she has been a guest on numerous HR podcasts and interview series. Her HR expertise has been featured on the BBC, NPR, and in publications including USA Today, US News and World Report, Employee Benefits News, Chicago Sun-Times and The Wall Street Journal.

A bookworm and introvert who never spoke in class until college, in recent years Tracie started getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. Though she now realizes she won’t die speaking in public, to the media, or on camera, she still hates parties and crowds - but loves espresso and movies. She loves traveling, visiting Disney World with her family, visiting local coffee shops and very slowly running 5Ks with her husband.
Tracie Sponenberg