ISG Insights: Hybrid is not a Schedule, and Performance is not a Place
Date & Time
Tuesday, March 21, 2023, 11:10 AM - 11:20 AM
Roman Pelzel

The shift to hybrid work has brought new challenges for employees and organizations. To ensure a successful transition and long-term sustainability, companies must prioritize the employee experience. Remote work can present challenges such as limited access to resources and equipment, disconnection from company culture, and reduced team collaboration, leading to employee dissatisfaction and turnover. 

In fact, rehiring an employee can cost up to twice their annual salary, and a study found that 49% of UK workers would leave their jobs due to poor technology experiences. However, Microsoft found that 84% of employees would come to the office if they knew their colleagues would be present, indicating the importance of social connections in the workplace. 

To address these challenges and improve the employee experience, companies must focus on designing a positive work experience that fosters social connections and addresses the unique needs of the hybrid work model. In this session, we'll go into the key considerations for designing a next-generation employee experience and provide insights for implementing them in your organization.

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ISG Insights
Employee Experience - Engage Your People