Full Name
Daniel Santiago
Job Title
Director, Workplace Operations
Peloton Interactive
Speaker Bio
Danny joined Peloton in April of 2020, bringing over 15 years of experience within the Real Estate Industry. Adept in building commissioning and construction handover with a proficiency in workplace operations management, staff training and development. With these experiences and skills he is working towards building a best in class workplace experience for Peloton.

Danny is currently responsible for the Workplace Operations of Pelotons corporate offices. This includes effective leadership in delivery of HQ locations post construction, while scaling Pelotons footprint globally. He is responsible for working with a tiger team on the Return to Office global initiative for the company. Which includes working through processes and procedures of implementing a program of this scale. He has also led the way in collaborating on leveraging technology to help with Pelotons RTO program.
Daniel Santiago