PANEL: Building and sustaining your “A” team in the post pandemic world
Date & Time
Tuesday, March 15, 2022, 1:15 PM - 1:45 PM
Sush Apshankar Deb Ermiger Rebecca Nicholas Jenya Adler

What this on-going pandemic has taught us is that the 4 key pillars of every organization – employees, customers, suppliers and community will continue to be physically disconnected. As leaders, you all know that business results can be achieved only by the collective synergies of these 4 pillars. And the Street is going to relentlessly breath down our necks to ensure that our organizations continue to show stellar results.
So, the big question to this panel is – how to bring collective synergies within our teams despite being physically dis-connected.
•    Has the definition of Teams changed? 
•    Who leads and how do they direct team members? Has the team dynamics changed?
•    Is there a real need of having teams? Can each of us not work as individual Consultants and get things done faster?
•    What does an “A” team mean to you? 
•    What role does technology play in empowering teams?
•    How does one use data in engaging, empowering and enriching their employees?
•    Does Analytics have a play in enriching the employee experience?

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THEME: Empowering Teams & The Employee Experience