ISG INSIGHTS: Empowering your remote teams using data & technology
Date & Time
Tuesday, March 15, 2022, 1:00 PM - 1:10 PM
Sush Apshankar

In today’s post pandemic, remote workforce age, organizations across the globe are taking massive strides in making themselves data and information ready since their teams are physically dis-connected.
Most organizations, big or small, that I have talked to have a well laid down Digital Strategy which includes each and every minute detail about their data right from its source (that’s the input) to the insights (that’s the output). 
However, most of these same organizations do not have a well laid down plan for empowering their teams and promoting a powerful employee experience.
My discussions with the CXOs across businesses have revealed some of the challenges that today’s business leaders are facing on this front –
•    With data & technology being the primary business drivers, how do we use them to foster effective teams, better communication and unified goals?
•    How do leaders permeate their visions without the touchy, feely workplace environment? How do they embrace the new leadership norms?
•    They say “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. How can one build a company culture remotely?
Sush will talk about on empowering teams and the employee experience in this post pandemic future workforce. What role does Analytics play in empowering your remote workforce and building a strong org culture. 

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ISG Insights
THEME: Empowering Teams & The Employee Experience