Full Name
Danielle Farage
Job Title
Founder & Gen Z Talent Strategist
Speaker Bio
Danielle is a Gen Z Speaker, Expert, and Community Builder on a mission to bridge gaps between generations and help us work better together. As a Top 10 Future of Work Influencer and digital nomad, Danielle has first-hand experience in living the future work. While her experience helping organizations navigate challenges posed by the pandemic, widening skills gap and mental health epidemic have been mostly focused on the technology industry, her workshops on “Effective Communication with Gen Z” and “Fostering Friendtorship” as well as her consulting practice are found useful to enhance ways of conscious thinking and relationship building across industries. In addition to hosting IRL monthly experiences for young professional women in NYC focused on self-development, Danielle is conducting independent research at the intersection of work, life and happiness to uncover what actually enhances happiness amongst Generation Z.
Danielle Farage